Ash Showler is the Head of Genetics testing at Chemisys Laboratories. Her role is testing for rare genetic mutations and cancerous genes.  In addition to her genetics work, she works with a team testing toxicology and respiratory pathogen panels. 

     For the previous six years, she immersed herself in the field of neuroscience, beginning her career at prestigious Howard Hughes Brain Research Center at MIT when she was 19 working under the guidance of Sebastian Seung and Ashwin Vishwanathan, studying the Connectome. 


  Her most recent work consisted of studying the neurobiological effects of trauma on neonatal rat pups at the Emotional Brain Institute through NYU Langone. More specifically, the effect of dopamine on rat pups' developing brains with a maternal presence. It was during this research she found her true calling in art therapy. 

   Over the next three years, she is working towards her Masters in cognitive psychology, art therapy, and Fallrisk, an art show dedicated to mental illness awareness. Fallrisk incorporates neuroscience research, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and art to create an immersive, interactive experience. Outside of the lab, she has creatively merged these concepts with her talents in both art and photography and to express and better understand the relationship between the chaos of mental illness and the effect it has upon future generations.